Where to start earning bitcoin ?

Where to start earning bitcoin ?

I got many newbie request to add a page to guide how to start earning bitcoin from faucet. I already added one tutorial in my blog which can be found on this link :- HOW TO EARN BITCOIN


STEP 1 :- 

Are you going to use faucets paying directly ? Then use any wallet address you are using like Cryptonator, Coinbase etc

Are you going to use coinpot faucets ? Use email which u used to register coinpot faucets. 

Are you going to use faucethub faucets ? To use faucethub faucets registration on faucethub.io is required , after registration add your (BTC/BCC/LTC/ETH/PPC/DASH/DOGE/XPM/BLK) Addresses in there Wallet Addresses section.   Then use those registered addresses (BTC/BCC/LTC/ETH/PPC/DASH/DOGE/XPM/BLK) in faucethub faucets to get your coins collected in faucethub account , later you can cashout when you reach minimum payout which is 20000 satoshi. Rest you can read review on our blog here :- FAUCETHUB REVIEW

Are you going to use faucetsystem faucets ? To use faucetsystem faucets which ever BTC address you will use , the amount of coins will go automatic to that BTC address wallet whichever u are using. The minimum AutoCashout on FaucetSystem is 13000 Satoshi which u need not to visit its all Automatic. Once your accumulated amount reach 13000 satoshi it will get dispatched to same BTC address which u used to claim on FaucetSystem.


STEP 2 :-

Get a list of faucets which u want to claim and claim regularly. Some of the premium faucets which are serious with there business are listed on first page you can join and earn regularly. 


STEP 3:-

To earn more from faucet , promote your referral links on social media and make your own downline. The more bigger downline will give you more free coins.


That's it.